Podium Sessions

  • Podium Session 1, 29.06.2011, 11h15-12h30:
    Orthotics and Prosthetics
    Chair: Kevin Fite, Clarkson University, NY, USA
    • An active foot lifter orthosis based on a PCPG algorithm
      M. F. R. Duvinage, R. Jiménez-Fabian, T. Castermans, O. Verlinden, T. Dutoit
    • Proof of concept of an artificial muscle: theoretical model, numerical model and hardware experiment
      D. F. B. Häufle, M. Günther, R. Blickhan, S. Schmitt
    • Multi-day training with vibrotactile feedback for virtual object manipulation
      Q. An, Y. Matsuoka, C. E. Stepp
    • Human training for online myoelectric prosthesis control using actor-critic reinforcement learning
      P. M. Pilarski, M. R. Dawson, T. Degris, F. Fahimi, J. P. Carey, R. S. Sutton
    • ShouldeRO, an alignment-free two-DOF rehabilitation robot for the shoulder complex
      B. Dehez, J. Sapin
  • Podium Session 2, 29.06.2011, 17h00-18h00:
    Neuroprosthetics and Brain Machine Interfaces
    Chair: Alejandro Hernandez Arieta, University of Zurich, Switzerland
    • Use of an electromyographically driven hand orthosis for training after stroke
      J. M. Ochoa, D. Kamper, S. Lee
    • Walking after partial paralysis assisted with EMG-triggered or switch-triggered functional electrical stimulation
      A. Dutta, R. Kobetic, R. Triolo
    • Body machine interface: remapping motor skills after spinal cord injury
      M. Casadio, A. Pressman, S. Acosta, Z. Danziger, A. Fishback, K. Muir, H. Tseng, D. Chen, F. Mussa-Ivaldi
    • Towards brain-robot interfaces for stroke rehabilitation
      M. Gomez-Rodriguez, M. Grosse-Wentrup, A. Gharabaghi, J. Hill, B. Schoelkopf, J. Peters
  • Podium Session 3, 30.06.2011, 11h15-12h30:
    Evaluation and Clinical Experience
    Chair: Peter Feys, University of Hasselt, Belgium
    • Robotic training and kinematic analysis of arm and hand after incomplete spinal cord injury: a case study.
      Z. Kadivar, J.L. Sullivan, D.P. Eng, A.U. Pehlivan, M.K. O'Malley, G.E. Francisco, N. Yozbatiran
    • An EMG-driven exoskeleton hand robotic training device on chronic stroke subjects
      N. S. K. Ho, K. Tong, X. Hu, K.L. Fung, X. Wei, W. Rong, E. A. Susanto
    • Objective measurement of synergistic movement patterns of the upper extremity following stroke: an explorative study
      T. Krabben, G. Prange, B. Molier, J. Rietman, J. Buurke
    • A comparison of motor adaptations to robotically facilitated upper extremity task practice demonstrated by children with cerebral palsy and adults with stroke
      Q. Qiu, S. Saleh, I. Lafond, A. Merians, S. Adamovich, G.G. Fluet.
    • Ankle control and strength training for children with cerebral palsy using the Rutgers ankle CP - a case study
      D. Cioi, G. Burdea, A. Kale, J. Engsberg, W. Janes, S. Ross
  • Podium Session 4, 30.06.2011, 14h30-15h30:
    Upper Limb Robotics
    Chair: Farshid Amirabdollahian, University of Hertfordshire, UK
    • Passive velocity field control of a forearm-wrist rehabilitation robot
      A. Erdogan, A. C. Satici, V. Patoglu
    • Online learning and adaptation of patient support during ADL training
      M. Guidali, P. Schlink, A. Duschau-Wicke, R. Riener
    • Challenges in biocooperative rehabilitation robotics
      M. Mihelj, D. Novak, J. Ziherl, A. Olenšek, M. Munih
    • Design of a robotic device for assessment and rehabilitation of hand sensory function
      O. Lambercy, A. Juarez Robles, Y. Kim, R. Gassert
  • Podium Session 5, 30.06.2011, 17h00-18h00:
    Lower Limb Robotics
    Chair: Yasin Dhaher, Northwestern University, IL, USA
    • Changes on EMG activation in healthy subjects and incomplete SCI patients following a robot-assisted locomotor training
      S. Mazzoleni, E. Boldrini, G. Stampacchia, C. Laschi, B. Rossi, M. C. Carrozza
    • Design and evaluation of Mina, a robotic orthosis for paraplegics
      P. D. Neuhaus, J. H. Noorden, T.J. Craig, T. Torres, J. T. Kirshbaum, J. E. Pratt
    • Walking assistance apparatus using a spatial parallel link mechanism and a weight bearing lift
      E. Tanaka, T. Ikehara, Y. Sato, H. Yusa, S. Saegusa, T. Sakurai, K. Ito, L. Yuge
    • A passive exoskeleton with artificial tendons
      W. van Dijk, H. van der Kooij, E. Hekman
  • Podium Session 6, 01.07.2011, 11h15-12h15:
    Neuroscience Robotics
    Chair: Rieko Osu, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute, Japan
    • Interlimb coordination evoked by unilateral mechanical perturbation during body-weight supported gait
      P. Artemiadis, H. I. Krebs
    • Evaluation of negative viscosity as upper extremity training for stroke survivors
      F. C. Huang, J. L. Patton
    • A novel mechatronic system for measuring end-point stiffness: mechanical design and preliminary tests
      L. Masia, G. Sandini, P. Morasso
    • The relationship between the flexion synergy and stretch reflexes in individuals with chronic hemiparetic stroke
      J. G. McPherson, A. Stienen, J. M. Drogos, J. P. A. Dewald
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