Plenary Speakers

  • Wednesday, 29.06.2011, 08h20-09h00

    Cognitive neuro-prosthetics: from virtual limbs and avatars to robotic chairs

    Prof. Olaf Blanke
    Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

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  • Wednesday, 29.06.2011, 09h00-09h40

    Rehabilitation robotics – closing the gap between expectation and current clinical performance

    Prof. W. Zev Rymer
    Departments of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Physiology, and Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Sensory Motor Performance Program, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Illinois, USA

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  • Wednesday, 29.06.2011, 14h00-14h40

    The future of neurorehabilitaiton: best practice is theoretically inspired, grounded in science and patient-centered

    Prof. Carolee Winstein
    Research and Motor Behavior and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA

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  • Wednesday, 29.06.2011, 14h40-15h20

    TUM Agetech: A framework for pervasive medical devices for elderly

    Prof. Tim Lüth
    Institute for Micro Technology and Medical Device Technology, Technical University of Munich, Germany

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  • Thursday, 30.06.2011, 09h00-09h40

    Neuromuscular model of human walking: implication on prosthetic leg design

    Prof. Hugh Herr
    Biomechatronics group, Program in Media Arts and Sciences and Health Sciences and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

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  • Friday, 01.07.2011, 09h00-0940

    Robotic and neuroprosthetic systems for neurorehabilitation after spinal cord injury

    Grégoire Courtine
    Experimental Neurorehabilitation Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zurich, Switzerland

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